About Me


Jay Clawson has lived in Denver, Colorado all his life and has been actively involved in photography for over forty years.  His interest started in high school as the only student photographer supplying images to the year book and school newspaper.  After graduating the University of Colorado with a degree in architectural engineering, he engaged again in photography as a primary avocation. Darkroom work was always a passion, and it wasn’t long before the smaller format of 35mm became inadequate. He experimented with various medium and large format cameras and ultimately selected the 4×5 view camera as his preferred format for urban and wilderness landscapes.  Extensive travel for his professional career in project management curtailed his access to the darkroom, and this coincided with an early adoption of digital photography where he was able to explore artistic and technical alternatives to the darkroom.  Jay combined his love of architecture and photography during a year-long work opportunity in the United Kingdom where he was able to explore and photograph medieval churches, castles, manor homes and landscapes throughout England, Cornwall, and Wales.

As an avid bicyclist and motorcyclist, Jay also followed local bicycle racing, and though these interests obtained professional credentials to photograph the Tour de France (5 years), the Tour of California (2 years), and the Pro Cycling Challenge of Colorado.  His bicycling photographs from these events have been published in many magazines and newspapers in Europe.

Jay was president of the Foothills Photographers in Golden, Colorado for several years.  He frequently speaks at Denver camera clubs on a wide range of photographic topics.  His experience as an associate instructor at Colorado State University and broad experience as a trainer in his professional career have benefited his teaching a variety of photography classes at the Foothills Art Center located in Golden, Colorado.  He currently serves as the staff photographer for the Foothills Art Center.

Artist Statement

By exploring photography as a fine art medium, I find the variety of subjects and the technical intricacy of photography to be a constant source of artistic inspiration.  My personal focus is exploring the urban and wilderness landscape, with the objective of creating fine art prints suitable for exhibition.  Most of my recent travels have been by motorcycle with a camera constantly at hand to capture the western landscape, the oddities of Americana, and the imprint of man on the landscape.  Lately I have been exploring publishing on the web as well as other means to exhibit.  I look forward to any photographic challenge that allows me to expand my craft and vision, refine my personal work, and share my expertise and enthusiasm for photography with others.

Prints for Sale

All Images shown on this site are available for sale at reasonable prices. I make exhibition-quality fine-art prints using Epson K3 archival inks on pearl paper, typically 15″x20″ images on 17″x22″ paper, allowing a minimum of a 1″ white border on all sides of the image.

Contact Me

You can contact me directly regarding individual photographs, techniques used, instruction/workshops, and to purchase prints.

email: jayclawson@outlook.com